Will you declare it? I AM A FINANCIAL PLANNER!

“What are you doing now?”

“I am a Financial Planner”

“I already have a Planner”

“I already have enough insurance”

“I am old enough to get the required insurances”

These are some of the common responses I get whenever my friends found out that I am a “Financial Planner”. Interestingly, these were some of my own responses before I met an authentic Financial Planner.

I used to think that I did pretty well for myself. I got married at 26, bought our first car at 30, had my first child at 32, bought my first condo at 33, had my 4 children by 37! Yes, 4 😊

I worked hard, saved hard and accumulated some assets along the years, invested with the bank, collecting rental from my investment property. Everything was on track and I was looking forward to retiring comfortably in my shoe-box apartment, sipping coffee and watching sunset at the balcony.

I started to get uneasy when I realized that my investments with the bank were not being actively managed and my assets were not growing. What is happening to my retirement fund? I had no time to look at it and I needed someone to manage it for me.

My prayers were answered when my husband introduced his ex-colleague, who had retired and started his second career with Unicorn Financial Solutions, an independent financial advisory firm. His ex-colleague had been a client of Unicorn for 8 years. He introduced me to the world of authentic financial planning, helping me to have a clearer overview of my financial situation, pointing out to me the risks I was facing, analyzing for me if I could achieve my short and long-term goals and how to close all the gaps I had in my finances.

It was an eye-opening experience for me as I had never encountered authentic financial planning. I always had the misconception that financial planning was merely about buying insurance and investments. An authentic financial plan not only gives you a clear direction on how you plan your cashflow, how to manage your risks, how to grow your wealth and plan for your legacy. It also gives you a peace of mind knowing that you are on track, as there is a yearly review to ensure that you can quickly adjust if you have deviated from your goals.

I was so enchanted by the whole experience and saw how an authentic plan can be so life changing that I decided to join Unicorn as a Financial Consultant. I want to be in control of my own destiny and to help my loved ones and friends achieve their destinies as well.

It has been 2 years. If you ask me how my journey has been so far, I would say that it has definitely been a fulfilling one as I grew from a rookie to a Certified Advanced Plan Writer to being awarded Financial Planner of the month in March 2018 in Unicorn. Along the way, I deepened my relationships with my loved ones and friends. Most importantly, I made new friends along the way, earning their trust and confidence. These are valuable experiences that I would not have had if I had not taken a leap of faith to leave my comfort zone 2 years ago.

If you ask me the same question now, “Are you a financial planner?”



Author: Jasmine Tan Sio Leng

Edited by: Tina Ho