How I Transformed by Body and My Future

In February this year, my colleagues, Wee Seng and Siew Heng, started a programme called iCare. iCare is an exercise programme. Every week, we invest half an hour to either swim, jog or play basketball, and another half an hour to do static exercises. We also formed an iCare chatgroup to facilitate our communication and to inspire each another.

Driven by the momentum, I started to work out every day as I felt great each time after I exercised. Even if it rained or I wasn’t feeling well, I still found ways to continue my workouts. I was addicted to my new regime!

I have never been someone with much confidence. People around me often feel that I am timid and that I do not carry myself well.

However, as I continued my exercise programme, I noticed that my posture gradually changed. I stood straighter, felt taller and a lot more confident. I also started being mindful about my body’s needs and began to eat more healthily.

Now with the little changes I made in my daily lifestyle, I feel I can do anything if I persist to follow through. I feel that my workouts have helped to boost my self-confidence and my body image. My clients started to compliment on my dressing, my posture and even seemed to show interest to listen more from me.

Recently, my sister and brother came to Singapore to pay me a visit. To my surprise, when they saw me, they took a while to recognize me They were amazed at the changes I had made in my life.

As I reflect on my year of transformation, I have learned that:

  1. Every single action I make will yield result. The key is persistence.
  2. I need to tune in to what my body needs and adjust. Just like I tune in to my clients’ needs and adjust their financial planning accordingly.
  3. The way you see and feel about yourself manifests to how others see and feel about you.

I count my blessings for the iCare programme my colleagues generously invested their time to start. It got me to start thinking about my health again. Before I started, I felt and looked listless every day. Even my TCM doctor warned me to start taking care of my health.

Now, I feel more energetic each day. I feel hungry more often and I enjoy my food more. (My doctor says it is a good sign as it indicates that my metabolic rate is improving). I did not realise that I have been neglecting my health and my body previously. And more so, I did not realise that my health condition has a spill over effect on my life and the way I viewed myself and conducted my life.

If you are not 100% happy with your life, change one thing today and bigger changes will follow.

Author: Ting Kuan Nean

Edited by: Tina Ho