The Joy of Goals Become a Reality

13 years ago, I came to Singapore from Malaysia for my tertiary education. And for this past 13 years, I have been renting rooms in Singapore.

During my first year, I was staying in the university’s hostel. Then for the next 3 years, I stayed at my uncle’s place. After graduating from university, I moved out and stayed with a group of good friends. I was living the life of a nomad. Moving from one place to the another every 1 or 2 years. Owning my own home has always a dream and a goal of mine.

Fast forward 13 years later, I count my blessings that I have a place I can finally call my home. A place where I feel comfortable and homely. Thanks to my wife and myself as well. We both

started planning with our own financial planner many years ago.

I started my planning 10 years and my wife started 9 years ago. We have been saving and investing since the day we started our financial planning. We did our monthly investments diligently and accumulated our wealth a little at a time through the years.

We got together via a friend’s introduction and we soon knew that we wanted to spend our life together. We were able to get a home that really suits our needs. It is a short walking distance away from my wife’s work place and only 15 minutes’ drive to my office. We even have our own small garden along the corridor.

Looking back at the whole experience, it is like the sweet basil that we planted from seed. The sweet basil needs sufficient sunlight, the right amount of water and fertiliser. Watching it grow from seed, to its current height… The feeling is just indescribable. Every day is filled with anticipation and hope. Now we enjoy our own organic herbs for our cooking.

In my mind, the same process applies to owning a home: It requires disciplined savings, controlling lifestyle expenditures and sound advice from a qualified financial adviser. These elements must all work together over the years to accumulate the capital we need to purchase our ideal home and to continually build our wealth.

For those who have not yet started your own financial planning journey, perhaps you should start yours today. Find a partner – aka a financial planner – who you can trust to guide you along this journey. With proper risk management, your journey towards your goals can be smoother and less stressful sailing.

Author: Ong Chong Chin