Celebrating Relationships

A good friend will try to bail you out of jail.

A best friend will be in a cell next to you, saying, “Damn, that was fun!”

We danced together in the same primary school since the age of 7, entered the same University, took up the same course of study and stayed in the same hostel.

We played together, mugged together, exercised together, celebrated countless Christmas Eve’s and New Year Eve’s together. We skipped classes together after late nights dance practice in our hostel days and married our first boyfriends. (Different guys! Our own individual first boyfriends!)

She is my BFF of 32 years. She stood by me and delivered meals to my hostel room when I fell sick. She was my shoulder to cry on when I fell out of love. She encouraged and supported my decision when I was deliberating a mid-career switch. She offered to be my guinea pig and was one of my first few clients when I embarked on the path of a Financial Consultant. She trusted me with her finances knowing fully well that I knew nuts about financial planning when I first started.

She celebrated and rejoiced for me as I progressed to be a Certified Advanced Planner and a Business Leader, leading a team of Consultants. She referred her closest family and friends to me. She reminded me to update my LinkedIn Account so that she can refer quality candidates to join my Business Unit!

I have heard horror stories from people in the industry on how many friends left them after they embarked onto the career of a Financial Consultant. On the contrary, this career has allowed me to foster deeper and more authentic relationships with my friends. The trust that my closest family and friends bestowed onto me has been my strongest propelling force to keep on progressing in this career.

Because of this career, I have the opportunity to reconnect with long lost friends and establish stronger relationships as I walk their life journeys with them. I am thankful that I had the chance to reciprocate these friendships through my area of expertise and professionalism. Because of this profession, friends shared with me their personal life and situations that they may not even share with their closest ones.

Friends became my clients and clients became my friends. I have experienced how friendship has blossomed between clients and I. Some of these are clients who were referred to me and became friends only after I embarked in this career. They appreciated and saw the value in the time I took to craft their financial plan, giving them clarity and solutions on how they can achieve their financial goals.

It is my honour to be the guardian angel of my clients’ finances. I look forward to celebrating our financial success together as we age gracefully and enjoy our golden years together!

Author: Mah Siew Heng